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Globe Book Magnetic Levitation

Book Style :Book Style printing base makes it more innovative and fascinating ;
How-It-Work: It is operated by electronically controlled magnetic system.The suction between electromagnet and the globe top magnet can be offset by the gravity the globe;
Easy-To-Use: Once you get the gadget levitating, give it a little spin then it will rotate smoothly;
Wide Application: innovative high-tech gadget that gains favor in people of all ages, can be used as home/ office desk decoration, also a great gift that will surprise your guest and friends. 
The 3" Earth globe has a removable magnetic platform that you can use to float your own collectable in space. 
Perfect gift for kids or any home or office,this is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy.

This is an awesome high tech gadget that people of all ages will enjoy. To have something hovering, levitating, floating and giving the illusion of anti gravity is extremely nice to look at, and most of all, to have as a decor ornament that goes well with any style of home and office furnishings. 
It is operated by an electronically controlled magnetic system. The magnetic above the gadget contains an electro magnet and a magnetic field sensor
This cool gadget makes a great display unit for your business room and home.

1.Please place the levitation device on a absolutely horizontal surface;
2.Switch on the power ;
3.Hold the globe with your hand; and put one finger on the base as underprops and move the south pole of the globe vertically downwards the center of the base.
4.Make the globe approach the center of the base slowly, and please move it towards left and right, or front and back to try to get the levitation point.
5.Position the globe 1/4 inch below the frame. When the globe is in the proper position, you will feel strong force holding the globe. Release the globe gently.
6.After set up; turn it or blow it, it will spin. But it stops spin after about 5 minutes, go on turning it will spin again.

Material: plastic
Color: blue
Power: AC 12V 1500mA
Globe Size: 3 inch(8.5cm diameter)
Book size: 20*12*2.1cm

Package included:
1 x Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

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